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 Everlasting glamour, effortless femininity, elegance beyond time 

Working with only the finest imported Italian silk and French lace, Sareh and her design team have created couture quality wedding dresses as well as an exceptional model of bridal design practices.


Throughout her career, Sareh has mastered the balance between delicacy and distinctiveness, all the while expressing an unparalleled depth of emotion within each one-of-a-kind bridal gown.


All Sareh Nouri wedding dresses are handmade with love and manufactured exclusively in the USA, ensuring that the designs aren’t just a dress, but a work of art in and of themselves. With unparalleled passion, keen attention to detail, and the finest fabrics, Sareh Nouri wedding dress designs are unmatched in their quality and creativity.


Taking inspiration from the glamorous Hollywood starlets she was infatuated with as a little girl, Sareh’s designs are at the intersection of contemporary and timeless. 

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"My designs define creativity, passion, hard work, and quality. I love timeless elegance and I want that translated to my gowns."

- Sareh Nouri

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