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Designed for modern love from Brooklyn, New York

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Made for style, comfort, and longevity, to be worn again and again so you can reminiscence about your love-filled day for years to come. Jade Ơi (pronounced Jeyd Oy) Studio was born and quickly developed into a coveted jewelry and accessories label for the modern fashion-influenced bride. The team at Jade Ơi Studio is constantly inspired by the diversity, colors, and love within the bridal community. It is fast-paced, fashion-orientated, and filled with wonder, beauty, and timelessness.

Jade Ơi Studio aims to bring a breath of femininity and sophistication onto our brides. The brand is inspired by individuality and the fascination of how great jewelry can complement and enhance every look. We encourage our brides to celebrate their own uniqueness and incorporate our pieces to adorn their best selves.

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"I created Jade Ơi Studio with an intention in mind: to combine traditional and modern elegance, a concoction of classic and atypical, through one’s milestones in life. Natural and simple, matched with some bold accents, with each trend-setting piece carefully considered to best represent our brides. "

My goal is to make you the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day, so I would love to share some styling tips for your big day - shoot me a message on Instagram and let’s get you wedding ready!

- Designer of Jade Oi

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