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 Each and every gown is crafted with an eye for details.

Established in the year 2009 debuted in 2013, The namesake Couture fashion house was founded by Netta BenShabu an Israeli born and raised Couturier based in the U.S.

In 2015 relatively new to the industry the fashion house rose to stardom in the bridal world following the launch of its collection that year with features in renowned couture publications worldwide and been continuously starring in those ever since .

With the industry recognition the Couture fashion house had established a respectable reputation for its innovative designs ,While the line accentuate itself and known for its pieces uniqueness, premium level finishes & extraordinarily detailing .

The house collections are among the most anticipated collections in the global bridal couture industry today .


Netta’s affair with fashion begins at a very young age as a little girl. Ever so fashionable all while dreaming of creating clothing that will mimic art and old Hollywood grace and glamour ;

“The dream always revolved the couture ever extravagant and out of the ordinary”

- Netta Ben Shabu

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