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 Established in 2010, Israel designer GAL aims to create one of a kind gowns with unique fabrics and couture finish. 

GAL AVITAN started his way in the fashion industry working for the biggest names in Israel , for years he dreamed on having his own salon and line of designs that would carry his gifted touch  for designing. 7 years ago at the age of 25, the young designer decided time had come for him to share his talent with all the amazing brides of Israel. 


In the past 2 years he became known as the presenter of the biggest fabrics manufacturer in Israel , designing their fabrics and choose the materials that leading the Israeli fashion industry.

At 2015 they took their first step outside of Israel and in 2017 finally has established their self production factory of fabrics.

from the basic tulle to luxury  glitter and beads fabrics. all comes to their hands now, the full control in the various processes of making a haute couture bridal  dress had been finally been accomplished.

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